There is Greatness in Isuokoma Community

There is Greatness in Isuokoma Community

The greatness of Isuokoma will manifest when we learn to put her interest above political party differences. When we engrave Isuokoma in our hearts as ‘our main party’ and see others as sub-parties.

It will manifest when her illustrious sons and daughters do their utmost best at driving development not for the sole purpose of taking credits. 

It will manifest when we do away with rivalry and embrace healthy competition. Give a face-lift to that school near you like Ifeanyi Chucks did. Build a health center for the community, sink boreholes to provide clean and portable water for the poor. Give scholarship to that indigent brilliant child, outdo someone in the award of scholarships.

It will manifest if those of us that does not have the capacity to single handedly build Schools and other social infrastructures yet should become the prime movers in our community, to see to the rehabilitation of existing ones and discontinue the wait on Government which has only produced nothing but energy sapping blames and arguments.

Past Selfless Leaders

Great leaders are selfless, they do not lead to earn credit. Ghandi of India, Azikiwe of Nigeria, Nkuruma of Ghana, Kenyata of Kenya, Mandela of South Africa, Martin Luther of USA, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

These great men did not mark their exam papers by themselves, but the people, nations and generations has not seized to give them accolades years after they are gone. If they had fought for credit they would have failed.

One thing very common with the names I mentioned above is that they did not work for their people and nations because they were recognized, they were recognized by their people and nations because they worked for them. Allow time and people to mark your exams. 

We must of necessity commend those who are making genuine efforts in the interest of Isuokoma both at home and in the diaspora.

But for Isuokoma to manifest we must eschew partisanship as there can be no development without peace and unity.

Whether or not Sunny Bright took the first step in attracting FCoE to Isuokoma, together with his team, they contributed immensely their time and personal funds to see it through.

Imagine the speed of development Isuokoma will likely witness should our brothers and sisters in PDP and APC join forces as children of same parents to fight our common enemy which is underdevelopment. What an alliance that will be, and her full potential will manifest. 

This in my opinion is not the right time for accolades, when the time is right the people of Isuokoma will surely give honour to whom it is due. Including those who may have worked behind the scenes, whose names may not be common to us on this platform.

I have not written to elicit argument, I have written to appeal to our minds and consciences to think Isuokoma first.

Unity in Diversity

Prince Nwanze Joseph

(St. Joseph)

Writer and Nollywood Filmmaker


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