8 FreeCodeCamp Alternatives for Programming

If you’re looking to learn how to code, there are a number of great resources out there, from books and online courses to bootcamps and coding challenges. But one of the most popular options is freeCodeCamp, a comprehensive online coding course that’s helped millions of people learn to code.

However, if freeCodeCamp isn’t the right fit for you, or you’re looking for other resources to supplement your learning, there are a number of other great options out there. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sites like freeCodeCamp for learning programming.

An Overview of freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organisation comprised of an interactive web-based learning platform, an online forum discussion board, chat rooms, online publications, and local organisations whose goal is to make learning web development accessible to everyone.

FreeCodeCamp Alternatives

8 Best Sites Like FreeCodeCamp for Programming


1. Khanacademy

The lessons are designed to teach you skills needed to become a better programmer. The lessons are organised in an easy-to-understand manner, and you can modify them to suit your learning needs. The lessons come in various categories, and you can also decide on the level of difficulty.

The courses are not meant for beginners, but they are designed in a manner that will ensure that you don’t get lost along the way. You can choose courses that are meant for you, and they are all designed to help you learn the concepts. The training courses are made available for free, and you can opt to pay to get access to the premium lessons.

2. EDx

This is one of the most popular education websites in the world. It has a curriculum that is tailored to your needs, and it will provide you with the training that you need to take advantage of the technology that is available today.

Its courses are extremely comprehensive and equip you with all the necessary skills to become an effective programmer. The courses are also organised in a way that makes them simple to comprehend and follow. The format is also easy to use, and you do not have to worry about getting lost in the maze that is the internet. You get the help you need at every step of the way.

3. Treehouse

Treehouse is a platform for learning web development with the objective of creating new and creative things. It helps you to learn web development through video lectures, live coding sessions and other ways like discussion, interaction and practical learning.

It does not have any subscription charges but there is a premium plan which costs per month. This premium plan offers even more features than the free one. This means that you have to pay before you can access the premium features. It mostly focuses on web development, design and other related subjects.

This site is quite new but has already created a good reputation with the web developers and designers. It has a lot of tutorials and in-depth courses that you can learn from. Although, the free plan is enough for those who just want to learn their basics but as said before the premium plan is more suited for those who want to become professionals.

4. CodeHS

CourseHS is one of the best Freecodecamp alternatives for beginners because of the interactive courses provided by this platform. It has over 1,000 courses where you can learn all the programming language basics from to advanced level. Like other Freecodecamp alternatives, you can start with basic concepts and then move to the advanced level. You can also participate in various projects and challenges which will be a great way to learn the basics of programming.

CodeHS also provides a community feature which enables you to collaborate with other students in solving problems and completing projects. You can also share your project with others in this community.

5. Code School

Code School is a useful platform for every beginner to learn coding and prepares them to work on a wide range of programming languages. Unlike other Freecodecamp-like sites, Code School has a more interactive approach towards teaching and learning.

The courses are divided into 5 levels which include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Master. If you are just getting started with coding and are looking for some introductory courses, start with Beginner.

This course helps you to get to know the basics of coding like variables, loops, loops, functions, objects, arrays, classes etc. This program can also help you to understand the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other important aspects related to coding. This is the perfect place to learn programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and C#.

6. Tutsplus

Tutsplus has a huge collection of tutorials on various topics including coding, mobile app development, web designing, marketing, finance, etc. It is one of the best sites to learn coding and build a portfolio of your own. Apart from coding, you can learn marketing, design, SEO, photography and many more.

Apart from the tutorials, Tutsplus also has a community which enables you to share your knowledge with other developers and interact with them in real time.

You can also ask questions about the topic on the forum and get answers from other developers. Tutsplus is easily the best place to learn coding from because of its huge collection of tutorials.

7. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the most popular and well known sites that you can find in the list of sites like Freecodecamp. It functions in the same way as all the other sites with a huge learning library and various courses available for free. However, W3Schools has a certain approach towards coding. It has a very detailed description of each language that is provided and you can study the languages as you wish in a way.

You can learn the languages from the beginner level to the advanced level and the learning is made very simple through the interactive codes.

You can also choose to learn from the main sub-categories and all the languages are available. W3Schools is a free site but there is a small time limit of 5 hours after which you have to subscribe to it. Hence, if you want to learn coding as a hobby then this would be the best site to go.

8. Codewars

A very popular online coding program, Codewars is best for those who are looking for a platform that offers a wide variety of courses that are not only limited to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It offers free access to its platform for all the registered users. However, Codewars proves to be very useful as you get free access to various courses online.

These courses are perfectly designed with the help of mentors to make your learning experience fun and interesting. After you complete the free trial, you can choose either to move to basic plan or pro plan. This program is best to learn coding and programming through various concepts like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more.

You can also join other people to work on the same coding or create your own team and work together. You can always look for other people to join your team with you and learn new things.


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